Back to the hospital!

October 6, 2009 at 2:44 pm (Losing a child)

Yesterday started off well. Bill went off to work in the morning and Gwennie and I had some errands to run at Target. Bill came home at lunchtime and I then proceeded to have nice chats on the phone with my Mum and BF, Jools.Both were a real tonic.

Whilst talking to Jools, I noticed that I was bleeding again quite heavily. I started to get some cramping and when we had finished chatting I went off to the loo to investigate. I discovered a fairly constant flow of blood. I knew right away this wasn’t good and I started to get more achey and sore. I gingerly told Bill what was going on and he told me to ring Dr. G. Long story short, I was told to get myself down to Triage pronto. I pretty much had a panic attack before leaving the house. The last place I wanted to go back to was the hospital. I told Bill I would go by myself, but he called Cindy and we dropped Gwen off at her house before driving to the hospital. Later on, I was very glad that he had come with me.

It was sooooo hard to sit amongst a large groupĀ  of labouring women. I was fighting back the tears and just thinking “Get me out of here!” If it hadn’t been for the uber-large pregnant woman who was rabbiting on (in a very loud voice) about her kidney stones and how they made her feel and what her urine looked like, I think I would have lost my mind. As it happened, Bill and I ended up with the giggles!

Bless Dr. G. who showed up like a knight in shining armour and said that he was getting a sonogram organised for me quickly so that we didn’t have to sit in Triage for two hours. He put his arm round me and said, “Wow! You don’t do anything by half measures, do you?” The sonogram showed that there was a piece of placenta still lurking inmy uterus. Dr. G. did an internal and said he was hoping to maybe lure it out gently, but my cervix had already closed. I had two options… go for a D&C or take Methergan, which would induce some cramping, and hope that the material come out. After a bit of going back and forth, Dr. G. said, “Let’s do the D&C. If we do the Methergan you will still probably end up here again in a few days to have the D&C anyway.”

Thankfully, the operating room was fairly clear and I was soon whisked up to have surgery. I had brilliant nurses last night. They were just great and everyone was so kind. I was asked if I would prefer to be admitted overnight or if I wanted to go home. There was absolutely no question as to my answer! Get me out of here!!! Dr. G. and Dr. S. (the resident who had his hand up my hoo-haa for the majority of last week!!!) did my surgery. I felt so blessed to have Dr. G. there. He just stayed with us and got us through the whole process. He is the most amazing man and physician.

The surgery was over in 15 minutes… thankfully, they knocked me out completely, so that was a blessing. I was dreading just having a local and being awake through the whole suctioning deal. *ugh* Soon I was waking up in recovery and drinking some ginger ale and getting ready to go home. Dear Cindy was waiting for us at our house. She had brought Gwen home and put her to bed. Again, what an angel she is. I don’t know what we would have done without her.

Dr. G. asked Bill to check on me in the night, which he did. He got me up to go to the loo and all seemed well, so that was a relief. He was the best night nurse and he has been so supportive and kind and patient through all this nonsense. I felt such a nuisance when I had to go to the hospital again yesterday. I hate imposing on everyone and I hope this is it now!

I slept pretty good. Had some awful dreams again though… thankfully Henry wasn’t in them.

I’ve been instructed to take it easy today. Bill has taken Gwennie to the park. I’m off back to bed to put my feet up. I just feel shattered and rather achey, but I am so glad to be home. Hopefully this is the end of it now and we can just work on recovering and moving on.


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